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Wednesday, 23rd September 2015


23rd September 2015
Time: 20:30 - 22:00 h.
Hall in -2 floor and Room Machado


Painting and Audiovisual Exhibition, Comics Discussion, Jewelry Exhibtion and more ...

During the Neuroarte event we will have the presentation of two comics closely related to Neuroscience. The first of these works is “Neurocomic”, by Mateo Farinella and Hana Ros, an interesting voyage to the center of the brain. The second work is “Ramón y Cajal, una vida al microscopio” an illustrated biography of Santiago Ramón y Cajal, by Jordi Bayarri and Jesús Huguet.

Speed Drawing Session

When anyone have the opportunity to contemplate Gao Xingjian’s drawings made by black Indian ink, experiments the impulse to follow this Novel Prize laureate artist (2000) to explore our mental worlds by this simple drawing method. It is a window open to the introspection that probably tells new things about ourselves (some of them unattended!).

Gao Xingjian chooses to paint with traditional means consisting of free expression on a two-dimensional surface of paper and India ink. Gao’s palette extends over 30 grey, black, and white tonalities. Hi looks inward for inspiration and away from oppression and conventionality and other “worldly” cultural practices that might diminish the inner human spirit.

Ink marks on the paper carry feeling and implication and display free expression as self-purification grounded in aesthetics.

We are going to learn how to make this kind of images that will growth fast from our interior.

We need just be there and try.


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